Step 1: Create your profile and book your exam

#Visit to create a new profile if this is your first exam with PEOPLECERT or log-in and enter the voucher code provided to you.

#Book your desired time slot, using the online exam scheduler. You have the choice to take your exam within 4 hours. 

#You will then receive a confirmation e-mail, with step by step instructions.


Step 2: Check your system compatibility anytime prior to the exam

#For your convenience and to ensure that your exam experience will be quick and simple, you can check that your system is PEOPLECERT compatible at any time


Step 3: Let the exams begin

#On the day of the exam follow the instructions given to you in the confirmation e-mail and click on the link provided. 

#You will then be directed to a secure environment where your live invigilator will be waiting to talk you through the overall exam process. 

#You will need to have your Photo ID ready


Step 4: Take your exam

#Once you are done, your preliminary results will appear on the screen. If you havent uploaded your exam prerequisites in Step 1, you can do so now.